Stillman & Birn Premium Art Sheet Packs

Unbound sheets to work in plein aire, in a studio on an easle, or to be able to tape sheets to an art board for increased surface stability with wet techniques.

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Stillman & Birn Premium Art Sheet Packs
  • EAN:
  • Category: Art Sheet Packs
  • Brand: Stillman & Birn
  • Two sizes: 8 x 10" and 11 x 14"
  • 150g series (Alpha, Gamma, Epsilon, Nova) contains 16-sheets per pack
  • 270g series (Beta, Delta, Zeta) contains 12-sheets per pack
  • Sizes are suitable for framing
  • Packed in resealable polybogs with a hang hole feature for ease of merchandising on slat walls or inline

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